5 Reasons Snap Chat Filters Are Deceiving

Obviously, there are some ridiculous snap chat filters out there that aren’t meant to make you look attractive, but ever so often there are some that make you seem like a model. These are the filters that people use when sending mass snaps whether they are makeup-less, waking up or going out for the night because regardless of what you actually look like, your filters got your back

1. Clear Skin:

The majority of the filters have this light glaze that enhances your skin by getting rid of all of the blemishes and pimples you’ve been trying to get rid of. Not only does the snap chat camera do it for you but some of these filters give you a complete makeover when it comes to the quality of your skin making you feel more confident than ever when sending out selfies and pictures of yourself.

Do keep in mind that you will be seeing people in person on occasion, if you ever stop snap chatting, so you might want to take it easy on using filters because it’s literally a mask.

2. Colored Eyes:

I’m sure we would all switch up our eye color if we had the opportunity and we now do on the majority of the snap chat filters. Whether you’re a brown eyed babe that so desperately wants some hint of blue or green but it’s possible to the point where every snap picture you send can make that happen.

You will probably confuse the shit out of people when you meet them in real life if you depend on these filters to make your eye coloring a bit more exciting, but you could technically be using contacts as well. So if it’s helping you with your self-esteem then, by all means, keep snapping away.


3. Hides Partial Face Features:

Usually, every nude snap adds something to the picture where you’re hiding a part of your face in some sense. Whether it be a hat hiding you from your bed head or the infamous puppy dog one making your nose look cute and covering a majority of your face beside your eyes, it’s almost impossible to look ugly in them.

Beware of the people regularly using the ones hiding their face because either they’re trying to distract you from some facial features or so dependent on them because they’re not entirely the best-looking people.

4. Better Lighting:

Even if you use the flash to get some lighting when you’re out, Snapchat will always come in clutch when taking selfies and providing the best light possible to make you look flawless. Even if you’re not using some of the overboard facial filters, the simple ones available will enhance every feature of your face and make you look as prime as possible.

5. Unrealistic Face Enhancements:

For the people out there with smaller eyes, the second you put any snap chat filter on your eyeballs are almost too big for the picture and your face in itself. Obviously, it’s flattering to have a good ratio of eyes to face, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not disguising your original looks.

Even cheekbones and facial structures seem to be more chiseled, making you feel like a large potato in real life compared to the snaps you’re sending out.