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3D@Home Consortium Forms New Group On Human Factors For 3D

Human Factors For 3D

Team will be led by 3D experts from Intel and BluFocus

San Jose, Calif., June 21, 2010 – The 3D@Home Consortium, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of quality 3D into homes worldwide by providing accurate and non-branded information on emerging 3D technology and the marketplace, today announced the formation of a new steering team to assist 3D stakeholders in understanding the impact of viewing digitally-created stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic images on the human physiology. The team will be chaired by Philip Corriveau, Principal Engineer and Director of the User Experience Research Group at Intel Corp. and vice-chaired by Paulette Pantoja, CEO of BluFocus, both active members of the 3D@Home Consortium.

Researchers from around the world have long been studying the human response to 3D, but have lacked an ongoing, organized method to share results, communicate, and compare findings with the technology community. 3D@Home’s membership of 40+ companies worldwide, with products across the 3D eco-system can provide the community-wide forum necessary to support the new team. Additionally, in its first two years of operation, 3D@Home has established relationships with many organizations involved in 3D, including the 3DFIC in Korea, the 3DConsortium of Japan,C3D of China, and 3DIDA of Taiwan. These relationships will be leveraged to ensure that the human factors activity covers the globe.

Philip Corriveau of Intel commented “Many industry and academic groups, governing bodies and vision experts from around the world have been addressing stereoscopic effects for many years. Creating a repository of information and then identifying, defining and driving key areas for additional research will ensure that the science impacts and advances 3D technology development. The key to successful adoption of 3D is the creation of a technology and delivery system that embraces and immerses the user in an experience that is realistic and exciting”

“For the past year, the team at BluFocus has been developing criteria for evaluation of 3D content,” noted Paulette Pantoja, the team’s vice-chair. “Having a place to combine that information with the scientific and not-so-scientific research on 3D will get the entire industry closer to understanding the ranges of comfort for viewers of 3D content

“It’s vital to form the steering team during this time of rapid 3D development,” added Heidi Hoffman, managing director of the consortium. “As more 3D content is created and viewed, information on consumers’ 3D viewing experiences should be widely shared among the technical community. 3D@Home has the infrastructure and relationships in place to make this first task a success.”

About 3D@Home Consortium

Comprised of more than 40 companies representing the entire 3D development channel from North America, Asia and Europe, the consortium is working to accelerate the adoption of quality 3D technology in the home by enabling an entire “system” of products that will broadcast, play, and display 3D content. More information is available at

Creating Quality 3D Content

From the Experts

An important part of the Society’s mission is to support the creation of QUALITY 3D content of all types. But what is “Quality 3D” content and how should “Quality 3D” be defined? To begin to answer these questions and assist other artists and stereographers, we assembled a number of experts who offer their individual observations, recommendations and guidelines for making Quality 3D films, programs and games.

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The Experts

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James Cameron
3D Works: Avatar, Aliens of the Deep, Ghosts of the Abyss

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Rob Engle
Visual Effects Supervisor
3D Works: G-Force, Beowulf, Monster House, Polar Express, Open Season, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
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Ray Hannisian
Head Stereographer/Depth Balancing Artist
3ality Digital
3D Works: U23D, Chuck 3D, Sobe Super Bowl commercial
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Bernard Mendiburu
Senior Stereographer, 3DTV R&D Engineer, Author: 3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema from Script to Screen
3D Works: Monsters vs. Aliens, Meet the Robinsons
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