Con-Tech 2015: Preview Seminar


Con-Tech 2015: Preview Seminar
In Partnership with the NAB Show

2015 Outlook Forum

September 24th, 2014
9:00AM – 1:00pm
Paramount Pictures Studio
Main Theater



As 2015 approaches, consumers worldwide continue to be dazzled by an ever-growing array of entertainment options. Retinal quality pictures, sound, and holographic imaging will be increasingly commonplace. High quality content will be available by a finger stroke on a touch screen.


Against this backdrop, Hollywood’s creative leaders have been tasked with developing the next generation of visual and audio arts and technologies to ensure that consumers are “blown away” by what’s coming to their favorite movie or mobile screen. Content owners are also evaluating how a lucrative ROI can be achieved using new technologies to deliver current libraries.


From extended dynamic range to high frame rate to 4K, the production pipeline and workflow structures are beginning to take shape. Hardware and software solutions are being evaluated from new sources. Business plans and structures are being developed, discussed, and negotiated. But many questions are being asked; How soon will commitments be made? Who will pay for what? What technologies will rollout first? Is there a consensus on one or two of these technologies by all the key players?


As the industry and the market begin to decide which of these technologies move forward and how, The Advanced Imaging Society, in partnership with the NAB Show, cordially invites you for a one-day seminar with the latest actionable information and key industry perspectives to bring you up to speed on what decisions you and your organization will likely be making.


This Society and NAB Show seminar is designed for industry professionals who are not engineers by training. So regardless of your technical expertise, join us for an immersive day exploring how Hollywood plans to lead the world in luring consumers to content in the next decade…